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Exit Keys helps you invest in the right property for you and your property needs. We provide you with deals in student housing and multi-lets, guiding you through the process of investing, renovating and creating a cash-flow asset

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Monthly cash-flow deals

We provide the investors with properties in the multi-let and student housing space that are granted to ensure a positive cash flow.

Finding investment opportunities within budget.

The team will do a formal assessment with you and ensure that your money gets it best bang for buck.


Assist in vetting deals:

We provide monthly deals that have been fully vetted and come with the full operational team to assist with success. 


Assistance in zoning and re-zoning permits.

Our team will explain the process to the investor, advise on the best approach and ensure that the maximum model is selected.

Guidance in maximising property potential.

Our team will use its wealth of knowledge, experience and it’s amazing ecosystem, through partnership with M5 Global, to ensure that every square foot is bringing in extra cash flow.

Project management and renovation

Exit Keys houses a professional team that ensures that all property renovations are run smoothly with no stress on the property investor.

Partnership programmes/ offerings

Our channel partnership agreements allows you to open a business of your own, ensure that you learn about properties, gain you access to an advantageous educational property portal and produce cash flow

Monthly master classes

Your property should be a blessing not a curse.

Don’t be stuck with a property that costs you more than it is worth.


Distressed Properties




Deceased Estates


Financial Issues


Difficult Tenants



Our Team

Terance Richardson

Managing Director

Retha van Rooyen

Sourcing Agent and Mentor

Taurai Jack

Sourcing Agent and Mentor